Epic Red and Black Tattoos by Don Kuru

Epic Red and Black Tattoos by Don Kuru

A bold traditional style done in only two colors!

Don Kuru knows the truth of 'less is more'. 

Don Kuru is part of a new generation of Polish tattoo artists who are changing the face of European tattooing with unique style. Working from Kobra Tattoo, Poznan, Kuru specializes in a stripped down traditional style that uses simple bold designs and dark shading, though it's his use of only red and black ink that makes his tattoos stand out. 

Using the contrast of two colors to make the design pop, Kuru has a great understanding of tattoo placement and knows how to make a tattoo perfectly. Tattoos of Kuru prove that traditional tattoos still have a lot to offer and can even be used to create a contemporary style! 

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All photos from Kuru's Instagram!

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