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Eric Marcinizyn's OG Black and Grey Ladies

Eric Marcinizyn's OG Black and Grey Ladies

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Incredibly realistic babes with a whole lot of attitude.

If you like your ladies rendered realistically in soft black and grey, then you're going to drool over Eric Marcinizyn's illustrations. He produces some of the most alluring portraits of attractive women imaginable, and the best part is that most of them have a West Coast gangster style, drawing influence from the Chicano tradition of tattooing. He specializes in creating figures like seductive payasa girls, sexy fallen angels, and more. So, get ready to fall dangerously in love with his body art of bodacious babes, but watch out, their looks can kill.

Marcinizyn's approach to realistic black and grey tattooing is incredibly soft. All of these attractive juggalettes exemplify the astounding level of detail that he invests in his work. He achieves this intensely lifelike aesthetic through carefully executed shading. The delicacy with which he pulls lines and lays down ink brings out the natural beauty in his female figures. Also, the way he uses negative space is also remarkable. Take their blonde hair or the smoke rising off of the cigar above for example. It's quite amazing how he creates such atmospheric effects through the absence of color in these pieces. The pristine quality of his body art shines most radiantly from these ladies' eyes, however. The way he uses just a touch of white to create a twinkle in each of their stares is the perfect touch.

Much of Marcinizyn's portfolio features iconography from the Chicano school of tattooing. He's illustrated tons of payasa girls, for example, and they are simply to ride or die for. Sometimes his clown-faced babes have accompaniments likes knives and guns for thematic effect. Talk about packing heat. Speaking of trigger-happy hotties, the angel with a 9mm is heavenly as she is hardcore. Some of his tattoos of gorgeous women even take after real-life bombshells, as seen in his portrait of Candice Swanepoel as the Roman goddess Minerva. Regardless of how he dolls them up, each of his black and grey ladies are likely to steal your heart, and maybe your car while they're at it. 

Candice Swanepoel as the goddess Minerva by Eric Marcinizyn (IG—ericmarcinizyn). #babes #blackandgrey #CandiceSwanepoel #EricMarcinizyn #ladies #Minerva #realism #soft

If you want to fall in love with more of Marcinizyn's drop-dead gorgeous ladies, cruise on over to his Instagram. He tattoos in both New York City and Miami depending on the time of year, and he can be reached at ericmarcinizyn@gmail for booking.

Ross Howerton
Written byRoss Howerton

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