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Eva Krbdk's Emotionally Transportive Tiny Tattoos

Eva Krbdk's Emotionally Transportive Tiny Tattoos

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They may be tiny, but these idyllic scenes and dreamscapes pack a powerful punch.

Turkish artist Eva Krbdk has been dominating the tiny tattoo scene for quite some time now, but up until recently, it’s been a bit hard to come by one of her tiny creations, that is unless you flew halfway across the world. Thankfully, if you live in New York, you now have access to Krbdk’s work on a daily basis, as she’s officially a full time, resident artist at Bang Bang in Manhattan’s Lower East Side. Known to her legions of fans as the queen of surrealist micro-scenes, Krbdk’s work is a bit like clicking through the cardboard reels of a View Master, transporting you to different worlds with a simple press of a button, or in this case, the pulse of a needle.

Gustav Klimt by Eva Krbdk (via IG-evakrbdk) #tinytattoo #color #microtattoo #scenery #movies #landscapes #evakrbdk

Predominantly circular in nature, her tiny works often feature landscapes or idyllic scenery, most of which lack any distinct border, and seem to float atop the skin, creating the illusion that perhaps the piece has been painted on with acrylics instead of tattooed. Painterly and precise, her tattoos often call on movie scenes, famous paintings, and the occasional surreal image as inspiration. 

Small in stature but monumental in detail and emotion, Krbdk’s work is everything we love about tiny tattoos, and we’re so thrilled to hear she’s finally come stateside. Krbdk’s scenery might be fictional, but the depth of emotion she ingrains in her work is anything but.

Alex Wikoff
Written byAlex Wikoff

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