Evan Rachel Wood's Surprising Tattoo

Evan Rachel Wood's Surprising Tattoo

The Westworld star isn't a stranger to tattoos, but she's got quite a surprising one.

Evan Rachel Wood has landed a pretty sweet new gig, portraying Dolores on the HBO smash-hit television show, Westworld. She's been a successful actress for many years now and has acquired quite a number of tattoos on her body.

The most visible is probably her upper back tattoo of an Edgar Allan Poe quote. It reads, "All that we see or seem is but a dream within a dream."

Evan Rachel Woods' Edgar Allan Poe quote tattoo. #EvanRachelWood #Celebrities #EdgarAllanPoe #Quote

It doesn't end there for the actress, who has tattoos plastered across her body. She's got a Dr. Seuss-inspired tattoo, a Shel Silverstein drawing of a candle, and a heart behind her ear, just to name a few.

In an interview with AOL, Wood talked about her most surprising tattoo. It's a tribute to the 1980's and it's linked to a John Hughes movie that you might not expect.

You see, Wood is obsessed with 80's culture, art, and movies. But perhaps her favorite piece of cinema from the era is John Hughes' Some Kind of Wonderful. And she definitely has a favorite character from the movie as well. She can't get enough of Watts, the tomboy of the movie.

When speaking about her band (Rebel and Basketcase), she can't help but bring up where she gets her style from.

"The fingerless gloves. They're a staple for us. I haven't done a show without them yet. I have Watts tattooed on (my body) to commemorate her. She was my favorite."

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Some Kind of Wonderful by John Hughes. #SomeKindOfWonderful #Watts #JohnHughes

It's no wonder why Wood would identify with this character. She's an unflinchingly loyal friend, who plays music, and is a bit of a tomboy.

John Hughes made some absolutely iconic movies in his heyday and many people probably have tattoos dedicated to the filmmaker. You can count Evan Rachel Wood as one of those people.

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