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Every Dog Has His Day...Like Today: Dog Tattoos!

Every Dog Has His Day...Like Today: Dog Tattoos!

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For today's collection of awesome and inspiring tattoos we brought together some of our favorite dog tattoos.

So, some times...when things are really tough...or even other days, when the sun is out and you just want to have someone to share a beautiful moment with...believe it or not, there is nothing better than man's best friend to fill that spot. These here dog tattoos just show all the love their owners have for their sweet little faces. And it makes sense: our pets are some of our closest confidants. Some people may think that they don't speak our human language, but they definitely speak the most important language of all: the language of TLC.

Some of these dog tattoos are traditional, straight up pet portraits that the client obviously got because, well, unfortunately our furry little friends don't quite last as long as we need them to...what's really awesome though, is that once one of our puppy pals moves on, we can always go to the pound and give another doggy his best damn day. We know you probably love dog breeds, but let's face it: adopting an unwanted pet is always the best way to go. And pound pups, invariably, make for the best pets...why? Because they'll remember you saving them from animal prison forever...and they'll show how much they appreciate it for the rest of their life.

We hope that these dog tattoos inspire you as much as they inspire us....and perhaps, if you're looking for a bunch of different ways to express your love for your pet,'ve found it! Nothin' says I Love You more than a tattoo of your loved ones face on your body forever. And thankfully, you know you'll never regret it...because pet's never break up with you. They listen to you when you're sad, play with you when you're happy, and are there through think and thin. What's not love about these dog tattoos?

Written byTattoodo

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