Every Evolution of Pokémon’s Eevee as Tattoos

Every Evolution of Pokémon’s Eevee as Tattoos

If you’ve given up on adding all eight Eeveelutions to your Pokédex, these tattoos have you covered like lightning on a Pikachu's dimples.

For Nerds by Nerds is our series where we let down our tattooed-tough-guy guard and get geekier than a D&D convention at the local Holiday Inn. Be sure to check out some of our previous installments, including a character analysis of Moe from The Simpsons, our love of Sailor Moon, and everybody’s favorite hard-drinking superhero, Wolverine.

Anyone who has played the recent Pokémon adventures on DS knows the extreme dedication it takes to catch eight Eevees, collect all the necessary stones, and take them to the right remote locations in order to get all their evolutions — aka Eeveelutions. To put it lightly, it’s a humongous pain in the ass.

Eevee is a fan-favorite among Pokémon aficionados because of its rarity and the diversity of its secondary forms. What makes Eevee such a prized commodity is that it is one of the few critters in the game that a player can customize, transforming it from the “normal type” into more exotic variants, such as fire, water, electric, psychic, dark, ice, grass, and even fairy. 

During my second time through Pokémon Moon, I must have spent about an entire day grinding in the grass just to capture the elusive little bastards (which have a 5% encounter rate and only spawn during certain hours, mind you) and flying around the Alola region, befriending them and pairing them with the appropriate items to finally get them all to their final and more flashy forms. 

After all that time, I smiled upon my diverse array of adorable companions, and then it suddenly struck me that I could only take six of them at a time. The rest would have to be stored in the game’s PC Storage System where unwanted Pokémon go to die. “WTF, Nintendo,” I thought, but now it occurs to me that you can let them live freely as body art, instead of forcing them to rot in a virtual box. 

It’s easy to see why so many devotees of the franchise have had Eevee and its evolutions memorialized on their bodies. In each of these pieces, you can see how some tattooists are also passionate about Pokémon. Each uses his or her unique artistic sensibilities to bring out the type of each Eeveelution. Laura Anunnaki uses her mastery of gemlike color palettes to bring out Espeon’s cute yet powerful psychic aura and Brando Chiesa captures out Glaceon’s icy prowess through his take on the neo-traditional style.

You may as well stop wandering around on Route 4 outside of Heahea City and save all those expensive Ultra Balls, because the tattoo world is crawling with Eevees. You don’t even need Sleep Powder or Stun Spore to catch one.

To see more nerdy tattoos, fly on over to these artists’ Instagrams. If you want to get an homage to your favorite Pokémon, commission one of them to capture the likeness of the little battle-slave for you. They’re the sort of companions that never faint. If you happen to already have an Eevee or one of its evolutions on your body, please share it with us at #Eeveelution.

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