Every Time JonBoy Did a Very Small Tattoo on Someone Famous in 2016

Every Time JonBoy Did a Very Small Tattoo on Someone Famous in 2016

JonBoy is infamous for his tiny tattoos, and here are some of his tiniest on some of the most famous people.

JonBoy is known as one of the tattoo artists to the stars. Celebrities fly in from around the world in order to have their skin graced by his tattoos. He's one of the most popular tattoo artists on social media, and his fame is only growing.

He also tattoos some of the tiniest things imaginable on people. Some of his tattoos you really need to squint in order to see, but if that's what people want, that's what JonBoy gives. So here's a look at some of the tiny, minuscule, and sometimes microscopic tattoos of JonBoy.

Lionel Richie's daughter, Sofia headed to JonBoy to get this borderline illegible tattoo on her neck. It's impressive that JonBoy was able to print letters that small, so kudos to him.

Sofia Richie also got a tiny thumb tattoo from JonBoy that is barely noticeable unless you are sitting right next to her. How the hell is anyone supposed to see this ink?

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Sara Snyder headed to JonBoy's shop in order to get these tiny red letters that are supposedly in honor of her boyfriend, Jayden Smith. The silly things love will make you do.

Kendall Jenner's lip tattoo isn't as much tiny as it is just completely hidden from people. So in the sense of "no one can see it," I guess this deserves a spot on this list.

*Squints* Uhhh...Hailey Baldwin...you sure you actually got a tattoo? *Squints harder* Oh, yea, I see it. Oh. It says "Unseen." Very cute.

Veronica Dunne's JonBoy tattoo is some of his signature tiny script. "This too shall pass" is what it says in case you forgot your microscope at home.

Zayn Malik's tiny lightsaber finger tattoo is actually pretty freakin rad. It glows in blacklights, so I have to give JonBoy his props for this one.

Singer Lauren Elizabeth got tiny tiny lettering on her arm when she visited JonBoy. It has become a bit of a calling card for the tattoo artist.

What does 2017 hold for JonBoy? What celebrity will stop into his shop next? Who knows? Will his tattoos ever get larger than a millimeter? Doubtful. Keep doing what you're doing, it got you this far!

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