Everybody’s Favorite Unemployed Abusive Alcoholic, Andy Capp

Everybody’s Favorite Unemployed Abusive Alcoholic, Andy Capp

Taking a look at tattoos of a drunken British icon. No, not Winston Churchill, that’s next week.

It’s time for another Tattoodo Reader Question of the Week, and this week’s is certainly a doozy. Budgie McGubligan of Newcastle Upon Tyne writes:

“Oi there you Tattoodo, me mates and I need your help sussin a pub argument. We’re dyin’ to know... Of which fictional unemployed, wife-beating drunk are there the most tattoos of? We rung up Guinness, but they had no bleeding clue. Please help.”

Thankfully, this is the sort of question that’s right up our alley. First off, we’ve said this before and we need to say it again: The Guinness Book of World Records can go fuck its own face. Soon, Tattoodo will be the de facto settler of bar arguments worldwide.

Anyway, the answer to your question, Budgie, is Andy Capp, the beloved British comic strip character created in 1957 by Reg Smythe.

Andy Capp is an everyman of mid 20th century England. He’s a working class bloke who never works, instead he just sits round the pub getting pissed. He lives in the northern harbor town of Hartlepool with his wife Flo and spends his time wasting what little money he has on gambling and drinking.

Our favorite thing about Andy Capp is that he was immediately embraced by the sector of British society he was created to satirically skewer. This lovable loser quickly became one of the most popular figures in all of British cartoon strips and is truly a national figure of England.

Outside of comic strips, Andy Capp also lends his name and likeness to an American brand of French fry-esque snack chips, Andy Capp’s Fries. He is also the mascot of Brew Thru, a regional chain of convenience stores located in North Carolina.

With such reputable snacks bearing his likeness, fans all over the world, and a legacy of 70 years, there’s obviously going to be a lot of really cool Andy Capp tattoos out there. We’ve collected a handful for your viewing pleasure. We hope you enjoy everyone’s favorite fictional wife-beating drunk in tattoo form.

If those tattoos didn’t make you want a bag of Andy Capp’s fries, there’s perhaps something very wrong with you.

Before we sign off, our editors wanted us to inform you that Tattoodo is officially against all forms of spousal abuse, be it in cartoon form or in the real world. It should be noted that while Andy Capp has historically been very physically violent towards Flo, he no longer beats her. Instead, they now regularly attend marriage counseling, which is a positive change all of us can get behind.

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