Exceeding Expectations - Tattoo Apprentice Series: Avalon Rose

Exceeding Expectations - Tattoo Apprentice Series: Avalon Rose

Meet talented UK tattoo apprentice, Avalon Rose!

The apprentice interview series continues. Last week you met the lovely, Dee. Today, let me introduce you to Avalon Rose, who works at Cult of the Sphynx Tattoo in Wolverhampton.

Floral art by Avalon Rose #AvalonRose #art #colour #drawing

Tell our readers how it all started for you.

After finishing art college and university, I came home and started working for my parents in their tearoom, all the while looking for a more artistic job choice.

My close friend at the time was moving tattoo studios, but he didn't drive, so I offered to help move his equipment. I ended up helping him unpack and start arranging the place. Then one day, after me hanging around for so long, he said to me "give tattooing a try", and I’ve never looked back.

"The simple feeling of making some one else happy, makes me happy..."

Black tattoo by Avalon Rose #AvalonRose #blackwork #blacktatooing #floral

"Anyone who says tattooing is easy is lying.."

What has been the most rewarding part of your journey so far?

It continues to be the moment when you finish a tattoo and the client sees it in the mirror for the first time, their expression, the fact they are so happy with it. It makes the hours of fighting a drawing to get it right all worth it. The simple feeling of making someone else happy makes me happy.

And what has been the biggest challenge?

Learning the fine line between ‘over-working’ the skin (resulting in scars and blow-outs) and knowing when to stop tattooing before the skin gets to that fatal point.

Moth tattoo by Avalon Rose #AvalonRose #blackwork #blacktatooing #moth

"There is a lesson in everything that happens to us, good or bad experiences... we learn from it..."

Looking back, anything you’d do differently?

I think everyone wishes that. But I believe there is a lesson in everything that happens to us, good or bad experiences... we learn from it. It’s safe to say I’ve learnt a lot, how to do things right and how not to.

The life of a tattoo artist #AvalonRose #ink #tattoomachine

Tell me why you love your job in three words.

Creative. Intoxicating. Limitless.

Pizza tattoo design by Avalon Rose #AvalonRose #pizza #drawing

What goals have you set yourself?

I have been apprenticing for over three years now, so my goal is to get my license firstly and foremost. But following on from that, I want to work tattoo conventions and one day be able to guest abroad. It has always been my goal to travel with my job, visit different countries, see how they tattoo. To go to Japan and see the traditional Tebori tattooist, to New Zealand for the Maori tribal tattooist and so on. I love the history behind tattooing, the many ways of doing it, the meanings behind tattoo designs and how other countries have developed methods of tattooing.

Black tattoo by Avalon Rose #AvalonRose #blackwork #blacktatooing #floral

Tell us three tattoo artists you look up to?

Dawnii Fantana. Dave Watt. Keely Rutherford.

Rose and sunflower tattoo by Avalon Rose #AvalonRose #rose #sunflower #neotrad

Who have you learnt the most from?

Through working at various studios I have learnt a lot from different artists, but the main tutors for me were Adam Hudson, Hanan Qattan, Joe Turner and Bex Priest.

Black shell tattoo designs by Avalon Rose #AvalonRose #blackwork #blacktatooing #shell

Anything else you want to share with our readers?

Anyone who says tattooing is easy is lying, it has taken blood, sweat and tears for me to get where I am and I’m not even qualified. So many times I have wanted to give up, because it has been so hard... I am so glad I haven’t.

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