Exciting Pop Culture Portraits by Boryslav Dementiev

Exciting Pop Culture Portraits by Boryslav Dementiev

Boryslav Dementiev has a bold traditional style that he uses to immortalize pop culture icons.

Actors, characters, heroes and musicians are just some of the creations made by Boryslav Dementiev. This Polish tattoo artist has a solid hand when it comes to pop culture tattoos. Using his traditional/neo traditional style Boryslav creates some of the coolest traditional portrait tattoos around and I'm sure you'll love them! 

Bold in both design and character, the work of Boryslav features all manner of pop culture icons and any one of his tattoos is a standout piece. Proving that traditional portraits are just as good as color realism, the pop culture designs of Boryslav will bring some color to your day and certainly inspire. 

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Images from Instagram.

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