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Exclusive Interview: Luxiano Street Classic Tattoos

Exclusive Interview: Luxiano Street Classic Tattoos

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Globetrotting tattooer Luciano Calderon talks to Tattoodo about taking blackwork into a whole new level with bold prison art style tattoos.

Blackwork will never go out of style from tattoos and just when you thought you've seen them all, an artist comes along just to prove you wrong. Luciano Calderon XVX is one of them. The travelling tattoo artist is currently making waves with his brand of solid blackwork featuring street art-inspired elements and prison tattoos. Tattoodo talked to Luciano to get to know more about this rising talent.

“I started tattooing in 2013, I always got a lot of tattoos and my friends pushed me into it since I was always drawing [anyway],” the artist explained. Luciano's only been in the tattoo scene for a little over a couple years but many will agree that he's got some serious expertise in tattooing. With his bold and impressive linework, rich negative spaces, and solid designs, Luciano Calderon is literally making his own mark.

Luxiano Street Classic Tattoo. #street #luxiano #blackwork #graffiti #tattooartist

Maybe his friends did know what he's capable for when, maybe they didn't but either way they pushed Luciano into a world which opened up a lot of opportunities for the artist. “[The best part about being a tattoo artist is] meeting new people all the time. I enjoy making people happy and [I] always try to connect with my customers.”

Luxiano Street Classic Tattoo. #street #luxiano #blackwork #graffiti

“I like to do blackwork and simple and easy-to-understand drawings. I like that my tattoos have a strong visual impact,” said Luciano about his particular style. His environment also made up for most of his works, a large factor from where he milks inspiration from. “I try to inspire myself from work that happens outside tattooing like sign paintings.”

Luciano lists devils, girls, and skulls as the top three tattoos he enjoys the most tattooing, opting for traditional elements to go with his strong blackwork style.

Luxiano Street Classic Tattoo. #street #luxiano #blackwork #graffiti

When he's not tattooing, Luciano likes spending his days eating out around town and spending quality time with what he likes to describe as “positive human beings.” For the time being — all that travelling and doing guest spots all over the West, Luciano plans to focus on tattooing. “I just wanna give 100% [to] tattooing at the moment. I'm sure there will be a moment where I need something different apart [from tattooing] but for now I'm all into it!”

And like many tattoo artists, Luciano also believes in hard work and determination when pursuing tattooing as a career. “Just stay focused on what you do, never stop working!” he beamed.

Luxiano Street Classic Tattoo. #street #luxiano #blackwork #graffiti

Ever the grateful soul, Luciano left us with this: “I just wanna say thank you to everybody who contacted me to get tattooed.”

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Written byXavier

When she's not writing for Tattoodo, Xavier likes experimenting with art and organizing local music shows. We're kidding, she's probably asleep. Follow her on Instagram @claudia_strife

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