Explore the Universe or Go Camping … Inside a Mason Jar

Explore the Universe or Go Camping … Inside a Mason Jar

Mason jars contain multitudes, and these jar tattoos show just how far we can go with scenes inside of jars.

The hipster obsession with mason jars extends far beyond turning them into lamps or gardening objects or slugging homebrew out of them. The mason jar has become a symbol, a hip snowglobe, that can open up entire worlds — worlds that tattoo artists are depicting with great detail and depth. There’s a lot of joy to be found when we tuck a scene inside of an object — it’s a little bit of the concrete world opening up to give way to the abstract, letting our imaginations run wild.

There’s a Schrodinger’s Cat mentality that gets blown open by having a scene inside of a jar — that childlike fascination with the possibility that a whole universe might be contained inside of a shoebox, something we had no idea was happening until we lifted that cardboard cover off. Think of the scene in Harry Potter and The Goblet of Fire when our heroes enter the simple canvas tent for the first time — what appears small and simple on the outside is actually gorgeous, luxurious, and all-around HUGE on the inside. We just love playing with scale as a means to express magic and wonder, and detailed mountains inside of a tiny mason jar is a static, two-dimensional, and artistic way to show that. 

Tattoo artists have really stepped our wonder up a notch by filling these mason jar tattoos with so many vibrant, unique scenes. We stuck to the jar tattoos that have tiny mountains, camp fires, deep sea divers, and hot air balloons, but there’s more inside of jar tattoos than just magically scaled environments. Stay tuned for some jar tattoos that inspire wizardry and the occult, and make you want to learn how to garden.

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