Exquisite Irezumi Tattoos by Jan Willem

Exquisite Irezumi Tattoos by Jan Willem

You'll be hard pressed to find a cleaner Japanese tattoo than those of Jan Willem.

Dutch tattooer and illustrator Jan Willem is hands down one of the finest tattoo artists in Europe and his Japanese tattoos are some of the cleanest. Tattooing from Rotterdam, Willem is highly regarded for the crisp linework and shading that you can spot in his designs, whether it's a painting or a tattoo! As talented on skin as he is on paper, Willem's classic Japanese tattoos are on point and his work will have you falling head over heels for a tattoo by him. 

Samurais, geishas, masks and tigers all get the Willem treatment and transform into a magnificent tattoo any collector would be proud to wear.

Here's a good read for all the fans who admire Japanese style.

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