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Exquisitely Delicate Tattoos by Korean Sol Tattoo

Exquisitely Delicate Tattoos by Korean Sol Tattoo

Tattoo Artists1 min Read

Sol Tattoo specializes in delicate miniature tattoos with a combination of blackwork and beautiful pastels.

Sol Tattoo, based out of Seoul, Korea, is known for her unusually delicate and fine tattoos, particularly floral or animal designs. Her blackwork floral pieces are fragile and delicate, while her beautiful watercolors are elegant and graceful. And of course, her cat tattoos, which she is known for, are unbelievably adorable. Sol is also a talented portrait tattooist, which you will see from the two portraits in this post. 

Stunning black and grey floral back piece by Sol Tattoo. #soltattoo #floral #floraltattoo #blackwork

However, there is more to Sol then her unbelievably beautiful tattoos. As a Korean tattoo artist, Sol has been featured in many articles which bring to light the restrictions faced by tattoo artists in Korea. As Daily Mail points out, tattoos themselves are not illegal, but the act of tattooing must be completed in a hospital by a certified doctor. The work of Sol Tattoo and the presence of her studio in Seoul is an example of active resistance against this unfair and restrictive law. Read more about the barriers faced by Korean tattoo artists in this recent article from Refinery 29. 

But for now, let's enjoy the amazing work of the talented and brave Sol Tattoo.  

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Amazing line work in this delicate floral moon tattoo by Sol Tattoo. #soltattoo #tattooistsol #floral #floraltattoo #linework #fineline #finelineblackandgrey

For more of Sol's work, visit her instagram and facebook page. 

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