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Extraordinary Innovators: Tattoodo App Tattoo Artist Spotlight

Extraordinary Innovators: Tattoodo App Tattoo Artist Spotlight

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For this Tattoodo App Tattoo Artist Spotlight, we selected some awesome ink that spans many tattoo styles and techniques. Tons of inspo.

It's ever so important for us to bring you pieces carefully selected by masters of the high quality ink aesthetics. Getting your first tattoo, or even getting another tattoo to add to your magnificent collection, takes thought. Some of us may sling on a new skin stamp with more of a devil-may-care kind of attitude, but for most people...that's just not the case. And that's why we're here. Tattoodo, as we continue to sing and say both near and far, is dedicated to making sure your tattoo travels and adventures go as smoothly as possible.

Tons of New Inspiration Every Day

Since we have over 9 million users on our tattoo app, the amount of amazing uploads is astounding. The high quality of talented tattooists on our site makes it an awesome experience for people who crave constant tattoo eye candy. You can check out our Tattoo Inspiration Feed, survey tattoos by style, or check out our tattoo idea articles. All of these you can simply look at, but you can also like them, or even save them for later. You can create boards in your app profile and label them for tattoos you hope to get in the future, such as “My Next Tattoo” or “Illustrative Inspo.” We even have a space where you can put in the tattoos you collect from artists!

We put a lot of time and effort into the art form that is tattooing. We give you not just one style of tattooing, but all of them. Watercolor tattoos, minimal tattoos, Traditional, Neo Traditional, Japanese, Blackwork tattoos, anime inspired tattoos, hyperrealism tattoos...and more. Literally listing them out would take forever...because it's never ending. When the idea of a tattoo collector meets the talents of a tattoo artist, the designs they could come up with are endless. This is what is inspiring about tattooing: all of us working together to create gorgeous works of art that last a lifetime. We capture moments with these illustrations on skin, we build experiences and relationships across countries and more.

Today's collection of awesome tattoos spotlights artists within the Tattoodo App who consistently show exemplary work. It's not easy being know, it takes tons of hard work, devotion, study and resilience to continue to push yourself to another level! Here at Tattoodo we love to support artists around the globe with our platform that connects the matter where you happen to be. We're consistently working to find new artists, foster the talent of artists who we love, and keep collectors around the world inspired. We bring you awesome tattoos because that's what we love...and we know you love it too!

The best thing about collections like this is that not only are these some of the best tattoos from some of the best artists in the Tattoodo's also definitely not a cohesive list. There are literally thousands more images in our tattoo archives, as well as many more tattoo artists and shops.

Along with some of the best tattoo inspo out there, we also wanted to reach out and let you guys know that we're working on a bunch of different ways to make our platform better for you, which means interesting and new content, like our Sessions and Inkounters, that spotlight tons of awesome studios and artists around the world.

Artists on the Tattoodo App

In any case, if these awesome tattoos aren't enough eye candy for you, best believe you gotta get up on our App and check out more. Every day we have a new curated selection of the best content...straight to the heart!! From tattoo themes, to interviews with the coolest artists, and even Inkounters where fans like you n me get to talk all about the meaning behind the ink on their skin...we're your own stop shop for everythang tattoo. Including seriously awesome can discover new and unique aspects of the tattoo industry every day.

If you don't know, we also have a bunch of tattoo artists who are our Tattoodo Ambassadors. They are exemplary tattooists...we all love the best, the brightest...those artists that continually blow your mind with what they can create. And what is so cool about tattooing is that it is ever evolving, and's a collaborative project that spans a lifetime. Artists collab with other artists, artists collab with their clients, there is always creating, making, putting out content that inspires and influences. That's why tattooing isn't just an art form, it's a way of life. Events, books, works of art that live on skin, magazines, shirts...and so much more. Hannah Flowers, including in this female fronted Friday collection, is one of our ambassadors and we couldn't be more stoked on her work. She's a total sweetheart too! Just read the interview we did with her showcasing her portfolio!

Mike Boyd, Mattia Mambo, and Winston the Whale are just some of the artists you'll find on the Tattoodo App. Their work is really interesting, and far different than pieces from the genesis of old school Americana. It would not be a surprise for us to hear that these artists are more influenced, stylistically, by graphic artists like Saul Bass or Milton Glaser plus pop artists like Shepard Fairey, Andy Warhol, and Roy Lichtenstein. Bold, bright colors, abstract shapes, and clean designs that almost look like skin's an aesthetic that absolutely fascinates us.

We also have Dulah, Kat Matthanee, and Jamma Dodger...three artists who each have a very unique take on illustrative. Dulah's sacred geometric piece looks like it could've come straight out of an MC Escher work! Wile Kat's portrait has a textured quality that is absolutely beautiful. You can also see, behind the tattoo, photos of their process...from photo to overlay sketches on's really nice to see how an artist makes their work! Jamma Dodger's stone Buddha portrait is also truly stunning. The varying lines and diverse drawing techniques make this piece not only powerful symbolically but visually as well!

Pis Saro is another very well-known tattooists for her gorgeous floral body art. Marvelously replicated petals in all shapes, sizes, and placements decorate the bodies of her super lucky clients. Don't fret, either! Even if you're not able to travel to her, or you're not ready for ink quite yet, you can get her temporary tattoos. We're pretty sure you'll fall in love and want one of her pieces forever on your just be warned! Meg Adamson is another tattoo artist who does a very different, although sort of similar style. Meg gracefully blends realism and illustrative aesthetic for very unique and cool tattoos! She perfectly produces crystals, gems, precious stones...even turquoise and opal!! Beautiful little beetles and butterflies...Meg's tattoos are something we could stare at for a very very long time.

Booking a Tattoo Made Easy

The Tattoodo App isn't just for inspiration, articles, events, news, and videos...although, even if it was, that sure is a hell of a lot of cool stuff. It's also a directory of incredible artists and shops in cities all over. This collection of awesome tattoos doesn't even scratch the surface of artists that you, as a collector, can contact for a consultation! The little button you see that says "Book Now" is your opportunity to get the tattoo of your dreams from the artist of your dreams...whether it's in your home town, or your next vacation destination.

With Tattoodo's booking feature out and about and connecting awesome tattoo collectors with awesome tattooists, we thought it would be nice to do another spotlight on some of the great tattoo artists on our app! We love what these people are doing: dedicated to the art form that is tattooing, they consistently create incredible things that boggle our minds and fill us with the best eye candy out there. No matter what style you dig, we've got someone who can do it! Check out our Tattoodo App User Guide to learn more.

After you book, we even have guides and articles that help you prepare for a first tattoo, how to care for new tattoos, and even a guide that talks about how much tattoos cost. We make sure that your journey towards your next tattoo is as smooth as possible!

The Best Tattoo Articles and Tattoo Guides

We also love to share with you important events, articles, and guides that can help you know more and be in touch with the international tattoo community. Sometimes we do spotlights on female tattoo artists in our Tattoodo App. Every artist counts who is creating work that evolves and continues to set the bar higher...including our Tattoodo Ambassadors, lady tattooists, dude tattooists, non binary tattooists, and every person in between! They are so important to what we do: they are the epitomes of tattoo artists that continue to make pieces that are beyond expectations. Each works within their style, aesthetic, and the concepts they love most..but if you ask them, they'll tell you they're great tattooists because they continue to work hard and grow.

We also make sure to support awesome tattoo blogs that are doing something special like Ink the Diaspora, we interview tons of special artists who stand out against the crowd like Ant the Elder, and we do event coverage not only to create killer videos, but also to fill you in if you can't make it! Never fear of missing out again: we're doing our best to cover the best conventions and tattoo art gallery shows in your city. We also have tons of super informative guides...everything from the history of Blackwork tattoos to whether or not you should get inked while pregnant. Seriously, Tattoodo wants to be the one spot that you can trust for all things tattoo...and so far, we think we've done a pretty good job of making sure that you can count on us!

We also try to make sure to support artists who are part of communities that don't often get enough time in the spotlight. You've asked for more coverage of LGBTQ+ artists, as well as POC artists, and we definitely want to make sure your voice is heard. It's so important for us to give you awe-inspiring inspiration for your next tattoo, and the only way we can do that is if we include everything and everyone we can: the exemplary and epitome of high quality work in every single aesthetic, style, and community. This is what makes Tattoodo your one stop for all things tattoo!

We even have guides, like our Beginner's Guide, to explain some of the most well-known styles out there with in-depth articles about their history, and styles, as well as the tattoo artists who specialize in those areas. Basically, we're here to support the community...and that means you! These awesome tattoos are just the beginning...check out our app and you'll find a whole lot more. You can even upload your own tattoos and tag your local artists in the images! There is no end to the possibilities. We're here to make lasting connections built upon a shared devotion to one of the best art forms in the world: tattooing.

Keeping the Tattoo Community Connected

The tattoo artists on the Tattoodo App know that we care, and respect, their hard work, not just their business but their creative genius as well. And we know exactly how much dedication incredible tattooists put into their creation. We think it's pretty outstanding, and out of respect for that, we support their work just like they support our work. That's one of the super cool things about the tattoo culture: it's a community based on collaboration. A tattoo artist relies on awesome as f*** tattoo collectors, just like the collector relies on the artist. Add to that mix: film makers, interviewers, journalists, producers, and platforms like ours that gather all the greatest tattoo information, images and words alike, in one sweet spot so you never miss a beat.

It's not just the tattooists on the Tattoodo App that matter either, although, of course, we can't stop admiring them or their work...but it's all the collectors, clients, fans, and aficionados that keep Tattoodo running just like it should. Working together, we all build the culture that is tattooing! All the events, the cool films, the in depth articles and guides...everything. Because Tattoodo isn't just the place to find out what the bible says about tattoos, or where the heck tribal tattoos really come's also a place for collectors to find brand new, intensely talented tattoo artists to book for their next piece. It's a place for creators to show off their new work of art. It's even a place for fans of tattoos to exchange ideas, artists, and shops they love.

We here at Tattoodo want you to be a part of this journey; we want you to not only love tattoos, but understand them more, respect them more, and be able to support them more. We couldn't do our dream work without you! And the same goes for tattoo artists and shops about the world. The tattoo community within the Tattoodo App is global and growing. We're having connections, and creating art, with awesome inspiring and influential people every single day. We hope you're a part of that, and we always want to hear from you if you feel we could develop or evolve further. Thank you for being a part of Tattoodo!

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