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Extremely Colorful Tiny Tattoos by Zihee

Extremely Colorful Tiny Tattoos by Zihee

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Zihee makes unbelievably vibrant tattoos of flowers and other delicate imagery.

Combining elements from graphic design, various forms of abstraction, and watercolor techniques, Zihee has created a beautiful and vibrant style that stands out as her own. Her designs are simple yet impressive, featuring cheerful subjects, like songbirds, flowers, and other gentle figures from nature. All in all, her work — with its plush color schemes and euphoric disposition — is the sort of body art that exudes nothing but pure joy. 

Zihee's style doesn't fit easily into any category of body art. It resembles watercolor but doesn't feature the same purposefully muddled coloration typically seen in the style. Some of her designs, like her roses, take after traditional tattoos, but they don't feature the iconic bold linework. Ultimately, her work falls further on the side of fine art, resembling botanical illustration or free form composition more than anything else. 

Given that she operates in a country where tattooing is still underground and body art is largely frowned upon by older generations, most of her work tends to be on the smaller side of things and discretely placed. Most of her subject matter suits its size, consisting of dainty imagery. The major of her portfolio is full of flora and fauna of the delicate variety, such as goldfish, mistletoe, baby's breath, and more.

To see more of Zihee's colorful little delicacies, wind your way over to her Instagram. She is based in Seoul, South Korea if you want to track her down for a tiny flower of your own.

Ross Howerton
Written byRoss Howerton

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