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Fabulous Anime Tattoos by Kimberly Wall

Fabulous Anime Tattoos by Kimberly Wall

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Kimberly Wall makes wild tattoos based on fan-favorite anime and manga

With a background as an illustrator and a love for all things geeky, it's no surprise that Kimberly "Bunny Machine" Wall spends most of her days bringing animated characters to life on her clients' skin. She is a tried and true member of the otaku community and does her part to move the mainstay of this nerdy movement into the mainstream by making almost exclusively tattoo tributes to the best anime and manga ever created. 

Wall's tattoo look exactly like the cartoons and comics on which they are based on. She uses a mixture of line weights and plush color pallettes to imbue her tattoos with the aesthetic of cell animation, making it so that her pieces have a very animated presence on their collectors' bodies.

Wall has created homages to most of the heavy hitters in the world of anime and manga. Exploring her portfolio, one will run across iconic characters such as Sailor Moon, a considerable amount of the current 802 Pokemon, every face from Dragon Ball Z, and pretty much Hayao Miyazaki's entire filmography. She also does some deeper cuts, too, and throwbacks to shows like Cowboy Bebop. She's even made mashups between fan-favorites, Deadpool-Scyther and Ichigo-Gengar.

Check out more of Wall's anime jamboree on her Instagram. If you desire to show your otaku colors with a tattoo tribute to your favorite character, she works at Black Rabbit Tattoo in Richmond, Virginia and can be contacted for booking at 

Ross Howerton
Written byRoss Howerton

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