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Fabulous Blackwork by Veks Van Hillik

Fabulous Blackwork by Veks Van Hillik

Tattoo Artists1 min Read

French street artist and tattooist creates offbeat ink.

While the murals and paintings of Veks Van Hillik are colorful, his tattoos are mainly dark. Yet, they share the same sense of fantasy and surrealism...

The artistic universe of French tattoo artist Veks Van Hillik is truly unique. Creating his own mythological creatures, he enjoys playing with deconstruction and surrealism. Inspired by animals, the tattoos of Veks Van Hillik often surprise by their witty placement. His dark tattoo art is another fascinating expression of the curious aesthetics of this contemporary artist.

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Veks Van Hillik is also famous for his colorful street art #VeksVanHillik #streetart #surrealistic #graphic #mural #fox #art

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