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Fabulous Furry Friends: Fun Fox Tattoos

Fabulous Furry Friends: Fun Fox Tattoos

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Here we have fox tattoos! We've gathered some arm tattoos, leg tattoos, and more, that will inspire you to collect a furry friends too.

We've talked before about our love for the on going series Planet Earth, and pretty much any spin off show like it, and like most people, we certainly have our favorite moments from each season. Our favorites definitely include Blue Planet's cuddly otters and magical sparkling manta rays, but Planet Earth? We'd have to choose the cute face planting fur baby fox in Planet Earth II that first aired in 2016. That particular animal sparked many a meme, but for us? We're always thinking in terms of ink. We just can't help it! For today's themed tattoo article, we chose to go with one of our mainstays: fox tattoos. Whether an arm or leg tattoo, we chose a whole bunch of different styles that we think you'll love.

As you many notice in these particular fox tattoos, foxes are naturally solitary creatures. Due to their environment, and predators, they don't have the luxury of being able to travel in packs like wolves. They just aren't big and scary enough! Thankfully what they lack in brawn, they have in brains. And quickness to boot! These fast lil fur balls are speedy and smart...and cute. A triple threat in the animal kingdom. This animal has inspired many a folk lore, legend, and fairy tale, and continues to inspire cute tattoos no matter what.

Even in this collection of fox tattoos we see two inspired by the children's book The Little Prince. The book has been made into many a play, film, and even a Japanese animation series called "Hoshi no Ōjisama: Petit Prince". The Japanese always know how to take fandom to the next level though...there's even a Little Prince Museum in Hakone, Japan, about three hours by train from Tokyo. With cobblestone streets, quaintly colored Victorian-esque townhomes, the area is remarkable. You can even take a picture with the Little Prince himself! His friend the Fox is also there...we particularly love his character. When the two part, whether in book or film, the fox tells the prince, "It is only with the heart that one can see rightly; what is essential is invisible to the eye." Perhaps this is why others love him so dearly as well...children's books such as these are so important! They hint at the beauty of truth!

The fox of The Little Prince isn't the only famed fox of film or literature. Wes Anderson's Fantastic Mr. Fox captured hearts with his quick and clever tongue, a sweet whistle and a devil-may-come attitude that was altogether charming and charismatic. There are two Disney films that had this animal in character: Fox and the Hound as well as Robin Hood. Fox and the Hound was responsible, much like Bambi, for making children (and adults) cry the world over. Robin Hood was another dashing young gentleman fox who wooed ladies and fought against evil. He may actually be one of our favorite furry friends from old school Disney flicks. There's also The Little Fox, known in Hungary as Vuk, and, of course, the Japanese Kitsune fairy tales, such as Akira Kurosawa's famed Fox Wedding! So many foxy films to be had!

Sometimes when we get in the mood, we watch about a million fox videos on YouTube. Foxes licking glass windows, foxes jumping on trampolines, foxes doing their cute (and sort of horrific) cries; we'll watch it all. It's like medicine for our soul...just like fox tattoos actually! We're all about self care, and it looks like some people know just how to do that. We hope you love this collection, and if you're thinking about getting a piece of your own, please don't hesitate to hit us up for help, or (even better) use our Tattoodo App to book an awesome tattoo artist near you!

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