Face Tattoos — The Ultimate Sign of Rebellion

Face Tattoos — The Ultimate Sign of Rebellion

Now that tattoos are so mainstream, it's difficult to truly make a statement. Unless you tattoo your face, that is.

Editor's Note: We actually like face tattoos. We actually like tattoos regardless of where you want to put them, we just encourage responsible tattooing. Bias against tattoos sucks, but it's not going to change overnight. Think before you ink–or whatever. 

There’s a word I’ve heard bandied about the tattoo world my whole adult life — “jobkiller.” I am completely enamored by this word. It’s just such a beautiful piece of vocabulary, so strong in the way it rolls off the tongue. I liken it to “widowmaker” in its strength and finality. A jobkiller is a tattoo that automatically rules out all sorts of future employment and I’ve secretly always wanted one. The trick is to get a tattoo in a place that is generally considered to be majorly unbecoming, such as right on your face.

Yes, nothing says “I just don’t care any more” like a good old fashioned face tattoo, visible 24/7 to the rest of the world. You actually get to choose the first thing another person notices about you.  Don’t let the word jobkiller scare you away, plenty of people with such extreme tattoos are productive members of society.  

The other wonderful thing about face tattoos is that no matter what you get tattooed on your face, you are automatically one of the world’s biggest fans of whatever that thing happens to be, whether it’s snowflakes or Ripley's Believe It or Not!

So, what are you waiting for? Why not go out and get some art on your face that you can never wash off!

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