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Face Tattoos. Think Before You Ink, But Keep an Open Mind.

Face Tattoos. Think Before You Ink, But Keep an Open Mind.

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Face tattoos are incredibly polarizing, even among people in the industry. One thing is for certain, they can also be incredibly beautiful.

Face tattoos have a quite a bad reputation, even among tattooed people. What once was a tattoo that only adorned by people that lived on society's fringes has now had wide adoption with people that live what are considered fairly normal lives. 

Does that mean you should go out and get something permanently marked on your face? Absolutely fucking not. But face tattoos shouldn't be considered some sort of scarlet letter that ostracizes someone from society. 

If you say "face tattoo" most of us are going to think "Gucci Mane ice cream cone" immediately. It's a natural correlation because that's legit one of the most absurd face tattoos of all time. In fact, it may be the single most iconic celebrity tattoo of the last decade. It's kind of bat-shit insane, but it's also kinda of like "it's Gucci Mane. We're pretty sure he's an actual murderer with bodies on him, so who are we to judge?" 

It should also be noted that the ice cream cone tattoo is also one of the major sticking points behind the "Gucci Mane is a government clone" conspiracy theory that keeps us up at night. 

Gucci Mane's iconic face tattoo. #guccimane #icecream
Gucci Mane's iconic face tattoo. #guccimane #icecream

There's no question that the extreme nature of face tattoos has been used as a path to notoriety. Whether that notoriety is good or bad, and whether it lasts for more than 15 minutes is dependent largely on the individual, and also relies on a healthy dose of luck. 

"Skull Boy" for instance, is a success story that has maintained a place in the public eye for years. The fact that the young man in question both had good tattoo work done, and also had a naturally good facial structure has enabled him to work as a model and actor for a variety of motion pictures and high fashion shoots. 

Notable fuccboi "Stitches" the Miami rapper known for his viral hit "Brick In Yo Face" has had less success. We're not even going to link to the video, because this guy is kind of a putz. Most of his bravado-laden raps mention his facial tattoos, and that's really the crux of his manufactured identity. "Hey guys, I'm a crazy drug dealer. I covered my face in mostly poorly done tattoos because I crave attention and don't want to work a real job." 

Stitches is trash. Don't be like stitches. 

One thing that's largely under-addressed in the tattoo world is the correlation between extreme tattoos and mental illness. We aren't going to use this as a platform to talk about that issue, but there's plenty of anecdotal cases we can bring up that up. I mean, Stitches is one of them. Without playing armchair psychologist, it's pretty safe to say that there's some issues with this guy, and copycats that he's spawned such as the guy that goes by the moniker Miami Joker – another wannabe rapper that has a history of run ins with the law and mental health issues. 

This leads us to our next question: does a tattooer have a responsibility to say "no" to bad tattoo ideas? The answer is "no", but we hope that most exercise a little humanity and try to steer misguided young people in the right direction .

Written byXavier

When she's not writing for Tattoodo, Xavier likes experimenting with art and organizing local music shows. We're kidding, she's probably asleep. Follow her on Instagram @claudia_strife

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