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Family Ties: Justin Weatherholtz and Joe Johns

Family Ties: Justin Weatherholtz and Joe Johns

Tattoo Artists4 min Read

We spoke with the two talented tattoo artists about how their mentor/apprentice relationship has affected their art and personal style.

All artists that work together tend to harbor a sense of camaraderie that can never be overlooked, but no relationship is more pivotal than that between mentor and apprentice. During the most formative years of a young artist’s career — the ones that mold them from a tattoo hopeful into a tattoo artist — the bond between mentor and apprentice is as essential, if not more so, than artistic skill.

Recent back piece by Justin Weatherholtz (via IG-justinweatherholtz) #kingsavenue #irezumi #traditional #justinweatherholtz #PagodaCityTattooFest

Tattoodo: How did you guys first meet? Did Justin walk into the shop one day asking about an apprenticeship, or had you two met somewhere else?

What made you both decide that this mentor/apprentice relationship would be a good fit?

Reaper by Justin Weatherholtz (via IG-justinweatherholtz) #kingsavenue #irezumi #traditional #justinweatherholtz #PagodaCityTattooFest

Joe, how do you think Justin has progressed as an artist since he initially became your apprentice? How do you think his style has developed overtime?

Do you think your personal style would be different if you two had never worked alongside each other? How so?

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