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Famous or Not, These Unforgettable Faces Are Awesome Portrait Tattoos

Famous or Not, These Unforgettable Faces Are Awesome Portrait Tattoos

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There are so many ways to do a portrait tattoo: lady heads or famous characters, imaginary loves or infamous deities.

Faces, faces, faces everywhere. Did you know humans are really good at seeing human faces in almost anything? This psychological phenomena is called Pareidolia...we see patterns in many random, every day objects...such as faces in our swirls of cream settling in our coffee. Or like that person who swore they saw a picture of Jesus in their burnt toast. We see faces so often, obviously, that it's pretty normal that we would see them in other places too, right? So to give you more faces, here are some really awesome portrait tattoos we came across. These are actually faces...not imaginary ones.

Or, some of them are imaginary...but only because the artist who did the portrait tattoo came up with the image on their own. So it's not a real person. You get it, right? We've sort of confused ourselves. We've tried to pull a plethora of portrait tattoos that are famous folk, or rad lady heads, and more...check out the awesome piece of Mr. Rogers doing some yoga. Btw, if you haven't checked out the documentary on him you definitely should. We only times throughout the whole thing. So definitely bring some tissues and be ready to be so inspired by him that you run out and get a portrait tattoo of his super sweet face.

Our app has tons of portrait tattoos...lady heads, Hollywood stars, music moguls, you name it. We always try to give you a bunch of different styles, aesthetics, and design concepts cuz not everybody likes the same thing, ya know? Wouldn't that be a bummer if there was only one style of tattooing, or even just one design that everyone got over and over and over. It'd be so George Orwell...or like the 90's when everyone was getting that bar code tattoo cuz The Matrix.

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