Fancy AF Animal Friends by Chris Green

Fancy AF Animal Friends by Chris Green

These neo-traditional animal friends sparkle, glisten, gleam, and preen.

Sparkle, baby, sparkle. Neo-traditional animal portraits are popular as can be, so when we stumble upon some that are as unique as Chris Green's, we go gaga. Green imbues his animals with raw personality, then covers them with flowers, baubles, and jewels, making for some fun and ornate beasties. 

Working out of Redwood Tattoo Studio in Manchester, England, Green's animals are almost other-wordly. Their muted color schemes, shiny objects, and sassy angles give them a playful, spritely feel. We're pretty in love.

I mean, for real. Did that panther just slink into a jewelry store and abscond with those pearls? You bet she did. And she looks super fucking fly. 

Green's hand is so evident in these animal tattoos, and it's wonderful. Taking a style and spinning it out into your own is really key to avoiding stagnation as an artist, and Green's animals are fresh fresh fresh.

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Green's animals all also have their own singular expressions. The rhino looks a little saucy, the pheasant is pensive, the wolf is flirty. He captures an essence in his animals, huge personalities, that come through in his line work and representation. 

Pad on over to Green's Instagram to check out his animals, and other fanciful things. His books reopen January 11, 2017, so get on in there for some sparkly animal friends.

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