Fantastic Foxes Frolicking on Skin

Fantastic Foxes Frolicking on Skin

This gallery is dedicated to the sly, chicken coop raiding canids.

If you adore foxes and all of the mischief that they create you are going to love this gallery. There are numerous illustrations of these members of the genus Vulpes, aka true foxes, in the tattoo landscape, and what's even better is that they look equally sly in almost every style out there. Their wet, shiny noses pop up in everything from Irezumi to surrealism, and regardless of what genre they're rendered in, they all look as dashing as the fantastic Mr. Fox himself. Have a look at this skulk's worth of vixens and tods in a diverse stylistic array. 

Though wolves and domesticated breeds of dogs seem to roam in packs throughout the tattoo world, foxes are more captivating with their sly looks and reputation as tricksters. They seem to have a charm to them that many other of their canid cousins simply don't possess. While their relatives make great imagery for conveying themes of fearsomeness and loyalty, foxes are evocative of more intriguing qualities such as cleverness, ingenuity, and intelligence. Also, their red, black, and white coloration, upturned snouts, and bushy tails make them more aesthetically appealing in general. In short, when it comes to the family of Canidae, foxes steal the show... as well as the chickens. 

Foxes have snuck into pretty much every style of body art in the world. For instance, they've been a popular motif in traditional Japanese tattoos for hundreds of years now, taking the form of kitsune, which are believed to have magical powers and grow multiple tails until they become tenko and ascend into the heavens. Pretty cool, right? They are also a very popular motif in neo-traditional tattoos, as exemplified by Watson's and Cruz's depictions of them. Stunning depictions of our fox friends have also been rendered in both black and grey as well as color realism. They've even been known to prowl around in illustrative blackwork. Occasionally, they also take on surreal proportions, becoming pixelated as seen in Alexey's or bizarrely abstracted like in Cote's work. 

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If you particularly enjoyed any of these tattoos, make sure to slink on by their artists' Instagrams. Also, should this clever critter be your spirit animal, remember foxes look fantastic in a number of styles, you just have to sniff out the one that suits you.

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