Far Out Landscapes by Eugene Nedelko

Far Out Landscapes by Eugene Nedelko

Vivid color, majestic mountains, and a really unique take on old school printmaking.

2016 saw a rise in the popularity of micro tattoos, which led to an increase in the popularity of teeny tiny landscapes, and while micro landscapes are absolutely beautiful in their own right, we absolutely love seeing new takes on the style. Artist Eugene Nedelko takes the tiny landscape motif and turns it on its head, instead using intensely bold lines, and color that rivals that of an 80’s lunchbox, all packed into a pint sized tattoo. Creating enchanting desert scenes set against the backdrop of a pitch black sky, it’s relatively surprising that Nedelko hails from Poland, but then again, that’s the beauty in art, it really can take you anywhere.

Tattooing in a semi abstract, illustrative style, Nedelko’s work is refreshingly colorful. In what can only be described as The Lorax meets Robin Eisenberg — a sort of pop art meets classic children’s cartoon — Nedelko creates beautiful dreamscapes that often resemble deserts. Orange, blue, and magenta hued mountains remain a constant throughout his entire body of work, as well as the sun and moon which change shapes and sizes depending on the piece. 

Inspired by linocuts, a type of printmaking that involves cutting designs onto a sheet of linoleum, Nedelko’s work often contains large amounts of black space as well, the colored or negative portions lending themselves as the “relief”. But perhaps what makes his art even more impressive, is that he doesn’t rely on any of the classic techniques that are employed to denote depth to a piece. Instead of relying on shading, refined details, or intricacies, Nedelko instead harnesses the power of line work and negative space to create surreally beautiful sceneries.

While he’s mainly known for his gorgeous landscapes, Nedleko has also been known to produce some far out portraits, too. Gorgeous, vividly colored aliens dot his portfolio with their teal skin and silver space helmets, sometimes shooting laser beams out of their mouths, other times zapping alien scum with a laser gun, but always looking phenomenal while doing so. So while getting a tattoo from him might mean traveling to Poland, we really can’t think of a more appropriate setting — visiting other lands while getting another land tattooed on you. Fucking meta.

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