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Faux for Festivals: Temporary Tattoos Never Looked So Good

Faux for Festivals: Temporary Tattoos Never Looked So Good

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As summer hits, so too do music fests. We bring you a guide to awesome fashion forward temporary tattoos by your favorite tattoo artists.

Hardcore tattoo aficionados may turn their nose up at these temporary tattoos, but they're far from being merely trendy; they've become an art form all their own. Make-up artists are using them for their stunning makeovers and photo shoots, starlets are bedecking themselves with fake flowers and glittering flash, and even toddlers are getting high quality tats from legendary tattoo artists like Tim Hendricks! Dollar store digs and 25 cent gum-ball machines have nothing on these fine art faux tats.

Regardless of whether you're using them for upcoming fests like Coachella, or you have a 5 year old who just can't wait until they're 18, these temporary tattoos are some serious stand outs we think you'll be incredibly happy with. And just so you know, if perhaps you're actually just trying something out before you get a real tattoo, we'll be here for you when you decide to book a bad ass artist to make your ink more permanent!

Sasha Unisex is probably one of the most well-known artists to first come out with a line of temporary tattoos featuring her unique geometric watercolor pieces. From foxes and florals to fishes and feathered friend, her accessories line is a giant splash of rainbow colors. Sasha's temporary tattoos have also been used by many different creatives such as make up artists including Vanessa Davis and singer Mary Senn who will actually be hanging out at Coachella for all you super swanky hipsters out there! Maybe you and Mary will each be sporting matching Sasha tattoos?

Another artist who loves flower tattoos is Sol Tattoo, based in Seoul, Korea. Their studio, Studio by Sol, is well known for the incredible works of art that the tattooists produce there: mind blowing replications of master paintings, watercolor landscapes, sweet illustrative animal friends, and even reproductions of your favorite anime characters. It's worth noting that tattooing in Korea remains illegal despite the devotion, creativity, and high standards of these tattoo artists. However many of them, like Sol Tattoo, are working very hard to change societal prejudice...and projects like temporary tattoos help not only remove stigma, but also to celebrate the art form in an inclusive way. When introducing the new line of faux flower ink, Sol stated, "Tattoos last forever but it is this permanence that can be intriguing to some people but intimidating to others. Temporary tattoos can play a crucial role in narrowing distance between these two extremes, so I believe tattoo stickers have an important meaning." Very sweet sentiments.

While so many of this faux ink illustrate delicate flowers and animals, we absolutely love Tim Hendrick's addition to the trend of temporary tattoos. Of course, his Toddler Tattoos are inspired by the Traditional Americana that he is a master of. Old school banners touting the words "mom" and "dad" are ridiculously cute, bald eagles, big red roses, and ships crossing oceans are all present in this ode to the iconography of OG tattooing...and we couldn't be more happy about it. We get that they're for kids...but, really, if you're one of those people out there who are thinking about dedicating your skin to this aesthetic, we suggest picking some up and playing around with them. We're positive that after sticking some of these to your skin, you'll be a fan for life and you'll probably hit Tim up for the real deal!

Pis Saro is another tattooist who has come out with a line of flower temporary tattoos. She is originally known for her realistic floral tattoos that are actually created by pressing dried blossoms and plants into ink, and then applying to the skin as a stencil. An artist of nature, her work is wonderfully organic, and these temporary tattoos are much the same. Fall leaves, bushels of hydrangea, and even cherry blossoms, Pis Saro beautifully dawns the skin with a touch of watercolor that many trendsetters are obsessed with.

What's really awesome about the artwork of each tattoo artist is that their style comes out not only in the temporary tattoos, but also in the photography and branding of their work. Inaetu Inatu is a little different, and perhaps you can tell by these pictures of models lounging around with their transitory inkings. Rather than create more flower tattoos to add to this selection, Inaetu Inatu's temporary tattoos are all about anime characters. Sailor Moon, her cat Luna, and even Lumpy Space Princess from Adventure Time. Tassled fans, glowing geisha and fluid goldfish are also part of this temporary tattoo collection obviously deeply influenced by Japanese tattooing. Based in Berlin, Inaetu Inatu's artwork is a reflection of the creative powerhouse and cultural hot pot that is that particular city.

Next up on our list of the best fake tattoos for festivals aren't actually technically temporary tattoos...but they can definitely be used to create them! Miryam Lumpini has just released a set of tattoo markers in collaboration with Bic, called "Body Mark". Some of the colors included are red, rose, and violet, and although they don't come with talent, we're hoping you have enough ingenuity to pull off some sweet designs. Already influencers across multiple social media platforms are showing off their Mehndi inspired looks! Bic isn't the first, and we're sure, not the last to come out with temporary tattoo pens.

Even professional fine art institutions like the Whitney Museum of American Art, located in New York, has a set of ten pens of varying colors designed just for drawing on your skin. It even has a corrector pen to erase your tattoo if you mess up! If only we had known about these when we were bored in math class...This isn't the first time the Whitney has delved into temporary tattoos. They also collaborated with Tattly to create special designs for the Stuart Davis: In Full Swing exhibit.

We couldn't go without mentioning Pico Tatoo, another collection designed specifically for kids but...ya know, that wouldn't stop us from covering any skin that isn't already covered in these sweet lil stickers. Super cute designs include smiling fruits, imaginary friends monsters, and barn yard animals. 
There's also Tattoo Vesna who have many different designs available, and ship worldwide, but specialize in fine art paintings! We're sure you've seen the absolutely incredible reproductions of Monet, Van Gogh, and Egon Schiele paintings in some of our past tattoo theme collections, and these are a perfect way to try out your favorite piece before making a commitment. Although, judging by the quality images on their profile, we're guessing that falling in love has never been so easy.

And last, but definitely not least, another Korean studio steps up with temporary tattoos inspired by all of their resident artists! Lazy Studio of Seoul has temporary tattoos by every single artist in their shop...again, another perfect way to experiment with ink before you actually book that ticket to Korea and make the real commitment to this lovely art form.

We hope that you've enjoyed this collection of temporary tattoos, and that it helps support your search for the perfect ink to add to your skin. We're always here to help, and if you have any other questions, or if we're missing any of your favorite tattoo artist designed temporary tattoos, let us know! We' love to hear from you!

Justine Morrow
Written byJustine Morrow

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