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Favorite Flicks and Films: Movie Tattoos for Tattoo of the Day

Favorite Flicks and Films: Movie Tattoos for Tattoo of the Day

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Movie Tattoos are some of our absolute favorite pieces...can you tell? This selection for Tattoo of the Day will blow your mind.

So, the Oscars have come and gone...and apparently were almost completely ignored by everyone except those directly involved in the proceedings. With the worst viewer rating in history, it seems TV viewership really is in decline. But, really, with stuff like Netflix, Hulu, FilmStruck, Amazon Prime, and one is surprised. Even Facebook is coming out with Facebook Watch: a video on-demand service like those listed but with brand new, awesome content. In fact, Tattoodo is coming out with a super sweet show you cannot miss! So, partly to celebrate...and partly just because we adore pop culture, we brought together these movie tattoos to give you some smiles.

The Shape of Water was the movie de jour at the Oscars, winning both Best Director and Best Picture, and although we don't have any Guillermo Del Toro tattoos on here (send us pictures if you got 'em!), we've made sure to pull some of our most favorite, high quality pieces. Stunning realism by Inal Bersekov, heart warming puppy love by Sweety J, and even smoldering gazes from hot dudes straight from the hands of Shannon Perry. These movie tattoos capture the actors, characters, and stories that are brought to life on the big screen. They resonate with us, which is why we celebrate them not only with huge award ceremonies like the Oscars or Cannes, but also with stunning movie tattoos. 

Whether real, or imagined, documentary or fiction, live-action or animated, these movie tattoos show that people just can't get enough visual stimulation. We live in a world where many of us are wonderfully fortunate that easy access to films, books, images, and tattoos is the norm. All of these art forms are meant to inspire, to motivate, and to educate. We hope this collection of pieces for Tattoo of the Day does just that, and remember: Tattoodo is always here to help you find your next tattoo! 

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