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F*cking Amazing Sleeves by Manuel Zellkern

F*cking Amazing Sleeves by Manuel Zellkern

Tattoo Ideas1 min Read

If you squint a little bit, it even seems like they move!

There are a few ways to develop a sleeve: you can piece together a bunch of tiny tattoos, until they fill up the space; you can have a few bigger pieces plotted out; or you can go hog-wild and dedicate your whole limb to an artist's mastery. We've curated some of Manuel Zellkern's sleeves for you to eyeball, so you can admire what a truly talented artist can do when given free-reign over your flesh.

For fucking real. This is some Magic Eye meets Sacred Geometry meets Leonardo DaVinci on Mushrooms sort of shit. It's wild. It's perfect.

The thing about these fantastic black and grey, dotwork, ornamental pieces is that they can really create a whole new effect on your skin. The depth that Zellkern can portray is fucking wild, and he clearly has a handle on anatomy too, because these pieces draw out the natural musculature of their wearer's.

Golden Ratio, anyone?

The lines are bold, or they're dainty, and the form is geometric, or its simply formulaic. Regardless, Zellkern's sleeves have a little something for everyone. Somehow, he manages to have a great range of style while also maintaining his own handiwork in each piece.

Zellkern works out of Electric Tattoo in Vienna, Austria. You can also see more of his sleeves, and other magical work, over at his Instagram.

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