Female Tattoo Artists on Tattoodo's Awesome Tattoo App

Female Tattoo Artists on Tattoodo's Awesome Tattoo App

Today's collection of cool tattoos come straight from Tattoodo's app, thanks to some totally awesome female tattoo artists out there!

Today we bring you some of our favorite pieces of this week from female tattoo artists in our Tattoodo App. As you know, we love the art form of tattooing...and we love that many artists are completely devoted to making cool tattoos that break the boundaries of what fine art can mean! 

That's why every artist counts who is creating work that evolves and continues to set the bar higher...including our Tattoodo Ambassadors, lady tattooists, dude tattooists, non binary tattooists, and every person in between! They are so important to what we do: they are the epitomes of tattoo artists that continue to make pieces that are beyond expectations. Each works within their style, aesthetic, and the concepts they love most..but if you ask them, they'll tell you they're great tattooists because they continue to work hard and grow. But today, we turn our spotlight onto the lady tattoo artists who we absolutely adore. 

If you don't know, we do have a bunch of tattoo artists who are our Tattoodo Ambassadors. They are exemplary tattooists...we all love the best, the brightest...those artists that continually blow your mind with what they can create. And what is so cool about tattooing is that it is ever evolving, and flourishing...it's a collaborative project that spans a lifetime. Artists collab with other artists, artists collab with their clients, there is always creating, making, putting out content that inspires and influences. That's why tattooing isn't just an art form, it's a way of life. Events, books, works of art that live on skin, magazines, shirts...and so much more. Hannah Flowers, including in this female fronted Friday collection, is one of our ambassadors and we couldn't be more stoked on her work. She's a total sweetheart too! Just read the interview we did with her showcasing her portfolio!

We like to spotlight female tattoo artists because most people will agree that the world of tattooing has long been male dominated. And....to be fair, it's not really their fault, and thankfully things are changing quickly. Since American traditional tattooing has long been a staple of the tattooing community, and where many of our modern ideas of tattooing come from, it makes sense that ladies weren't really a huge part of the industry. Women were not allowed to be sailors and soldiers because they weren't allowed jobs that included combat....and at that time, who was getting tattooed often? Sailors and soldiers. 

But as time has progressed, so have silly ideas about what women are capable of. And these cool tattoos perfectly show how lady artists are just as GD good as anyone else. As if hundreds of years of art history didn't do that enough already...but we're always here to try and inspire, as well as support, change! That means visibility for all!

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