Fierce and Haunting Head Tattoos by Aaron Harman

Fierce and Haunting Head Tattoos by Aaron Harman

Beautiful and haunting neo traditional style tattoos executed in such original fashion is something that Aaron Harman's work is all about!

The brutal look of a tattoo is not just gnarly and huge imagery. It is possible to achieve this look in a sophisticated and elegant manner. Take the work of Aaron Harman as an example.

Gruesome black severed head tattoo done by Aaron Harman. #AaronHarman #NeoTraditional #SVNHOUSE #severedhead #blackwork

Aaron Harman is a talented tattoo artist from Toledo, Ohio. He creates smooth and solid neo traditional tattoos with his own flare and vibrant colors.  The gruesome look of his style has the gothic and dark feel. Aaron is also a traveling tattoo artist and does really solid work at every stop he takes.

With tattoo subjects as animals, fantasy inspired tattoos and dark imagery, the work of Aaron Harman is truly something else compared to the common look of modern neo traditional tattoos. I would say that it has more of that dark edginess to it. But hey, some collectors love that! That is why he has that clientele, he meets that niche in the demand for dark neo traditional tattoos.

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Roaring lion head hand tattoo by Aaron Harman. #AaronHarman #NeoTraditional #SVNHOUSE #lion #lionhead #handtattoo

All photos from Aaron Harman's Instagram.

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