Fierce Geometric Animal Tattoos by Karl Marks

Fierce Geometric Animal Tattoos by Karl Marks

The unusual mix of various colors, shapes and patterns transforms these animals from ordinary to something special.

You were introduced to Karl Marks not that long ago, but he does such impressive geometric tattoos that I just had to feature more of his work. This time around it's all about the animals. 

Photo realistic animal portraits are great, but if you're looking for something different, an abstract geometric rendering may catch your fancy. 

The odd color choices, differing shape sizes and the introduction of patterns in small parts of these tattoos are distinct characteristics in the geometric work of Karl Marks. 

Forget your preconceived notion of geometric tattoos, take a look at his work, and maybe you'll be inspired to take a chance on a different style of animal tattoo.

If you want animal tattoos but in a different style, check out The Call Of The Wild With These Neotraditional Animal Tattoos Of El Uf.

Check out Karl Mark's lovely instagram.

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