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FIFA World Cup: Lots of Soccer Dudes with Cool Tattoos

FIFA World Cup: Lots of Soccer Dudes with Cool Tattoos

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With the World Cup about to commence the final game, we take a look at why tattoos are so popular among the teams.

If you've been watching the World Cup games, and about half of the world's population is, you've probably noticed that not only is soccer way more interesting than that most of the team's players have a lot of tattoos. You've probably also seen articles that boast they know the meaning behind certain players pieces, and although that may be true...we're sort of just interested in why it seems sports stars adorn themselves with tattoos in the first place. I don't claim to have the answer, but I still definitely appreciate that they love cool tattoos as much as I do.

I'll have to admit that I'm not a huge fan of sports in general, but soccer is fun to watch not only because of the bar culture that surrounds it (apparently there is a beer crisis due to the games...Russia and England are running dry!) but also because, let's face it, soccer players are super hot.

I asked a friend why soccer players are, in general, the best looking dudes in sports and he explained, simply, that they aren't freaks of nature. It sounds blunt, but he's right. Basketball players are insanely tall, football players are so muscle bound, most of them look like they could move semi trucks from one side of the country to the other with a flick of their pinky. I won't even mention Sumo or WWE wrestlers. And on top of "not being freaks of nature", there is the added inducement of the World Cup players being decorated with ink...some from head to toe. Which, if you're looking for good tattoo ideas, may help you out a bit...sports fans, especially, are known to get portraits of people from their favorite teams. But maybe getting matching ink with your favorite player is a fun, albeit creepy, idea too! Video games may be getting sued for copying the tattoos of sports stars, but that doesn't necessarily mean you will, right?

I sometimes come across hella hot dudes and gals who are clearly masking their lack of personality with full sleeves and a chest piece, but even these kids understand the power of tattoos. Now, I'm not saying that soccer players are devoid of brain power or personality, especially since soccer is basically like a giant game of chess. It takes speed of leg and mind to make calculated moves across the playing field in hopes of a goal. But even if they had the IQ of a potato, I could watch them run around all day. Add to that some seriously sweet forearm tattoos, a leg piece here and's like a Sporty Spice dream come true.

So, why do cool tattoos make a person look even sexier than they already do? Perhaps it's the aspect of what is taboo. Although tattoos are quickly becoming more acceptable, there is still a sense of danger and excitement associated with them. I mean, hello, there's a reason why the Chinese Football Association just banned their soccer team from showing any signs of their ink on television. Partly it's because, obviously, the CFA are crazy and totally out of touch with reality, but also because tattoos are still identified with gang culture.

I feel like there's also that surprise aspect of tattoos...when a soccer player takes off their shirt and all of a sudden you can see that their skin is totally covered in ink. It makes you wonder what else is hidden that we can't see....not that I'm trying to be a complete perv. But while everyone else at the bar is watching the World Cup players make moves on the field, and betting whether France or Croatia will win, I'll just be admiring those super sweaty dudes showing off their cool tattoos. You can't blame me right? Just look at these pictures of David Beckham!!

Justine Morrow
Written byJustine Morrow

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