Fight Like A Girl With These Sailor Moon Wand Tattoos

Fight Like A Girl With These Sailor Moon Wand Tattoos

Kawaii girl power icon Sailor Moon will teach you a thing or two about taking control with these pretty yet deadly magic wand tattoos.

There's been a massive retro throwback going on lately and you bet I'm in if it includes anything kawaii and girl power. If you grew up wanting to be Sailor Moon, then you probably turned out just fine. After Pokémon trainer dreams, becoming a magical girl was the thing. In a world dominated by macho men superheroes and shounen plots where your only role choice is the fair lady the hero marries after he saves the city in six seasons, Sailor Moon was a gift sent by celestial powers.

With their ever cute sailor fukus, mermaid hair, and awesome magical powers, Sailor Moon and the gang has been slaying since then and still are. Own it and ‘fight like a girl’ with these pretty yet awfully deadly Sailor Moon wand tattoos!

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