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Fighting Evil By Moonlight: Sailor Moon Tattoos

Fighting Evil By Moonlight: Sailor Moon Tattoos

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Fighting evil by moonlight, winning love by daylight, these Sailor Moon Tattoos have sure won over our hearts!

We were the kids who ran home from school so that we could turn on the TV, sit down with snacks, and watch Toonami on Cartoon Network...which thankfully included Sailor Moon, DBZ, and more. This collection of Sailor Moon tattoos is an homage to those anime and manga classics that made our childhood a little less crappy. Sailor Moon and her crew always made us feel we could take all the terrible things of this world and make them better. She always stood up for the powerless, loved to eat just like us, was totally okay with crying in public, but was still a total BA. So we gathered up our favorite Sailor Moon tattoos!

These Sailor Moon tattoos prove that just because it's a bit of a nerdy doesn't matter. Sailor Moon transcended so many boundaries, cultures, and issues that it touched peoples lives in a way that many other anime's didn't. It helps that it was a group of women beating down the bad guys on their was also one of the first shows to be queer friendly (before queer friendly was even a thing) and it made all the kids being bullied ( feel like we could stand up against those middle school meanies. 

We're not quite sure why we haven't gotten our own Sailor Moon tattoo yet, but it may be because we're on the other side of the world from Hori Benny, a master of super hot Sailor Moon tattoos, Studio Ghibli tattoos, and more. But we're definitely putting that activity on our bucket list: one day we'll get that incredible Sailor Moon tattoo of our dreams!!! And if you have one, you better believe we want to see it. Head on over to our new Facebook group page The's a totally positive place for fans of tattoos where we can all share and learn. We can't wait to see you there!

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