Finally, A Book Based On The Symbolism Behind Our Tattoos

Finally, A Book Based On The Symbolism Behind Our Tattoos

Learn the meaning behind some of the world's most classic tattoos in COR MYSTERIUM VOLUME I.

At last we've received our very own copy of what many have coined as the most anticipated tattoo book of the year; and for the love of praise, this ones damn good...

Tattooings Guide To Symbolism, The Standard Edition. Photo courtesy of James Bell (IG - lucent_illusion) #tattoobook #tattooreference #CorMysterium #NeverSleepNYC

Enter, Tattooing's Guide to Symbolism, Cor Mysterium Volume I, by Never Sleep Publishing.

The first issue of a multi-volume encyclopedia series that shines a light into the gaping void that is veracious tattoo symbolism. The Cor Mysterium is full of insight about the meaning behind some of the most recognized, yet often misinterpreted tattoo designs in the world. Each volume will feature a diverse selection of stylings, from Traditional to Realism and everything in-between. 

From the inception of Cor Mysterium, book curators Matt Beckerich and Mike Rubendall aspired to create a publication that would satiate the demand for visual inspiration and its interpretation... and that's exactly what they did.

Sneak Peek of "Last Port" by Paul Dobleman. A tale of peril on the high seas. #CorMysterium #NeverSleepNyc #TattooingsGuidetoSymbolism #tattoosymbolism

The book opens with a foreword by none other than Don Ed Hardy himself. With the turn of each page you’ll find these varying works cover a wide range of topics from implicit to the obscure. Aside from nearly 200 original paintings, the book also offers a legend deconstructing the key symbolism behind each contribution.

"The fight of life and death, sky against earth, good fighting evil, and past versus present. There can only be one." - Johan Svahn
"Real world attributes of an image and the feelings that are stirred up when viewed play a huge role in it's symbolism..." - Matt Beckerich

A graphite Memento Mori made by Cally Jo. #TattooingsGuidetoSymbolism #CorMysterium #NeverSleepNyc

In recent years,  the landscape of tattooing as an art form has progressed into somewhat of a modern-day renaissance. 

The surface of the human body has gone global and the art in this book frames a diverse historicized voice that blazes a path into new territory.

- Michael McCabe, New York City Tattoo

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Whether you're looking for ideas for your next piece or an artist wanting some solid reference, Cor Mysterium covers all the bases. Get your copy here.

Cover Art by Grez (@kingsavetattoo)

 Book photos courtesy of James Bell (@lucent_illusion)

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