Financial Perks Of Having A Tattoo

Financial Perks Of Having A Tattoo

Having a tattoo has perks aside from looking pretty rad.

Getting a tattoo has its perks. It's going to look super cool, it's relatively cheap compared to other pieces of art, and it sticks with you for your whole life. You get to meet interesting people via the tattoo community and make friendships that will last as long as your tattoo does.

But did you know there are some financial perks to having a tattoo? Some companies actually incentivize people to have a tattoo of their logo, or a company-inspired image. Here are some of the coolest financial incentives to getting a tattoo.

If you're an employee at Rapid Realty in New York City, and you get their logo tattooed on your body, guess what — you get a 15% raise. 15%!!! Over 40 employees have gotten the ink done in order to improve their financial situation.

San Francisco restaurant Casa Sanchez announced a deal they thought no one would take. If you got a tattoo of their logo, you would eat free at their restaurant for life. Apparently, a lot more people got the tattoo than expected! 40 people got the logo, and the company calculated that if they came in for lunch every day, they would lose almost $6 million. So they limited the offer to the next 10 people who got the ink.

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The Pi Pizza Truck in Houston, Texas offers a promotion on their customer appreciation day that allows you to get a flash tattoo of one of their pizza-themed designs, and with that tattoo you earn the right to a free slice a day. The system is raffle-based now, so you need to be really lucky in order to get the deal.

Rocket From The Crypt is a famous and influential punk band that offered free tickets for life to anyone who got their logo tattooed on them. A lot more people did it than expected, and RFTC now reports incredibly low concert ticket sales. 

Clothing company Ecko offers customers 20% off for life if they have one of their 2 logos tattooed on their bodies. I think this person got both logos just to be safe.

Brew Dog beer company in the UK offers free beer for life to those individuals who have a Brew Dog tattoo. This sounds super cool, but we're worried about some of these folks' livers.

Hot Doug's in Chicago allowed people with a tattoo of their logo to pick up free dogs for life... until they close this October. Guess too many people got the tattoo. 

Melt, a grilled cheese chain in Ohio, offers customers 25% off their products (I guess they learned from the companies who offered "free for life" campaigns...) if they get a Melt-inspired tattoo. Over 300 people have taken Melt up on their offer.

See, people who think that getting a tattoo will cost them money. If you strategize correctly, you can totally save money by getting one of these tattoos! And if you're a business, you might wanna calculate the cost-benefit analysis first...

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