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Finding Enlightenment Through Tattoos: the Work of Albert Martinez

Finding Enlightenment Through Tattoos: the Work of Albert Martinez

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Alongside creating tattoos and traveling the world, this artist practices yoga and martial arts to find balance in his life and works.

Imagine tattooing at one of the most famous shops in the world and deciding one day that there are more important things in life. You quit your job, sell all of your possessions, buy an old camper, and drive across the country, your dog riding shotgun as you both scan the horizon, looking for enlightenment. 

An Om with sanskrit text surrounding it via Albert Martinez (IG—albert_integrity). #AlbertMartinez #blackandgrey #Om #sanskrit #text

Since first discovering the life-changing potential of Hare Krishna, Martinez has taken up other activities that shape his sense of spirituality. “Going deeper into the world of Bhakti yoga has reiterated how temporary life is and how attachment to material life and status is an infinite illusion — Maya,” Martinez explains. “Also the chanting and mantra meditation has allowed me to reach a more consistent meditative state.” For him, yoga and creating art are both forms of devotional meditation that enable him to peer through the superficiality of the world. 

To see more of Martinez’s body art, make your way to his Instagram. He is currently working at Ink Monkey Inc. in Los Angeles, CA. Should you want your own piece of enlightenment by him, call the shop at (310) 822-9138 to schedule a consultation.

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