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Finding Freedom in Forests: Tree Tattoos

Finding Freedom in Forests: Tree Tattoos

Tattoo Ideas1 min Read

These lovely tree tattoos will make you long for a vacation!

After being stuck inside all winter, we here at the New York Tattoodo office are feeling some serious cabin fever. So we decided to explore in nature with these tree tattoos...they all depict different types of nature, really. Some are palms trees, some are forest trees, some even seem to be a part of a magical place not part of our Earth. We even included a super surreal tree by tattooist Victoria Benea! What kind of natural surrounds do you like to be in? Could you ever imagine getting one of these incredible pieces yourself?

Tree tattoos are some of the most popular pieces out there...and we have a few reasons why that might be. Not only can they symbolize and represent strength, but they also speak of freedom, the beauty of the natural world, and the importance of keeping our Earth happy and healthy. Perhaps another reason is that many people feel deeply connected to nature, flora and fauna included. If you live in a big city like us, it can be incredibly cathartic to escape into the forest or onto a beach and get some real relaxation in!

Since summer is right around the corner, and spring seems to be peeking her pretty lil head out of hibernation, we figure right now is the perfect time to remind you to wear sunscreen!! It's probably the top mistake people make when they have tattoos, and go outdoors. Actually...even people who don't have tattoos should cover cancer is no freakin joke. But for those of us who also want to take care of our beautiful art, protecting your skin from the sun should be your top summer priority! Check out our Inkounter with TJ who talks about the meaning behind her pieces, and watch as she uses Ink the Original to take care of them!

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