Fine Artists Take On Tattoos: Jana Brike

Fine Artists Take On Tattoos: Jana Brike

Jana Brike's hauntingly beautiful paintings explore innocence, sexuality, longing, love and pain.

Jana Brike is a fine artist originally hailing from Latvia who's been exhibiting her work internationally since the age of 15- and it's pretty clear why. Her surrealistic paintings are absolutely stunning. 

Drawing inspiration from European folklore, children's illustrations, her memories of growing up in a Soviet-occupied country, religious undertones, the supernatural and western pop culture among many, many other things- Brike's oil paintings are a strange mix of adorable and disturbing. 

Brike's paintings are essentially about self-discovery- often depicting young adults innocently exploring themselves and each other. With these themes of internal space and the soul, Brike is able to create characters who seem extremely relatable while simultaneously feeling eerily distant- due mainly to the surrealistic way in which she paints them, with exaggerated features and unreal surroundings. 

With youth and discovery often comes rebellion- which could potentially account for the often challenging expressions, overt sexuality and yes- you guessed it- tattoos on the very young subjects. 

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