Fine Artists Take on Tattoos: Sarah Myers

Fine Artists Take on Tattoos: Sarah Myers

Small and Sassy: The Tiny Tattooed Ladies of Sarah Myers

Artist Sarah Myers has been drawing ever since she can remember. Her tiny tattooed ladies have been gaining huge attention on Instagram, packing some serious sass in such dainty doodles.

Originally hailing from Michigan, Myers says she loves and is inspired by “badass female artists.” 

“I love drawing girls with tattoos because they add so much personality,” says Myers who has a few tattoos of her own. “I’m inspired by fashion, specifically girls I see on the streets and subway [here] in New York, and by other artists like Tuesday Bassen, Robin Eisenberg, and Wishcandy to name a few."

Myers says she also draws inspiration from tattoo artists she admires like Viola Ceina and Angelique Houtkamp.

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You can find more of Myers’ work on her Instagram and Society6.

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