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Fine Line Blackwork Tattoos by Alex Cfourpo

Fine Line Blackwork Tattoos by Alex Cfourpo

Kooky tattoos to put a smile on your face!

Alex Cfourpo is a vegan tattoo artist at The Ink Society in Utrecht, Netherlands. 

Many of Cfourpo's tattoos have a vintage illustrative storybook look to them. Others are more modern with dotwork shading, while some are just simple fine line pieces. There's unusual imagery with animals playing instruments and doing other human-like activities - strange, but intriguing all the same. 

If you enjoy out of the ordinary tattoos, then you'll love the work of Alex Cfourpo! 

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Umbrella and raindrop tattoo by Alex Cfourpo. #linework #blackwork #AlexCfourpo #umbrella #rain

To see more of this awesome work, check out Alex's instagram.

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