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Fine Understated Neo Traditional Tattoos by Swan Tattooer

Fine Understated Neo Traditional Tattoos by Swan Tattooer

Tattoo Artists1 min Read

Neo traditional fans better check out Swan Tattooer and his ghastly amazing works—refined and understated—muted with soft grey undertones.

Neo traditional style tattoos are known for their stunning linework and sophisticated color palette. They're like the sleeker, more suave version of traditional style tattoos wherein trads are flatter yet bolder. Neo traditional tattoos got fine details but trads have rather vivid colors and sharp and dimensional shadings.

Swan likes his works grazed with a lot of soft grey shadings and undertones. It makes them look as if they were straight off an antique portrait. I especially love his Leon: The Professional's Mathilda pieces because he perfectly captured the young femme fatale's personality and aura in his sensual neo traditional style.

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If you need more reason to check out Swan, here's one and he hangs around the shop with Swan every now and then. Catch them here.

Written byXavier

When she's not writing for Tattoodo, Xavier likes experimenting with art and organizing local music shows. We're kidding, she's probably asleep. Follow her on Instagram @claudia_strife

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