Fine-Line Black and Grey Micro Tattoos by Isaiah Negrete

Fine-Line Black and Grey Micro Tattoos by Isaiah Negrete

Isaiah Negrete of the famous Shamrock Social Club in Hollywood stuns us with his gorgeous black and grey micro tattoos.

With an artistic parentage and home base advantage working at one of the most famous tattoo shops in LA, Isaiah Negrete proves that he's worth to get in line with. 

Pineapple grenade micro tattoo by Isaiah Negrete. #IsaiahNegrete #blackandgrey #fineline #microtattoo #pineapple #grenade

As the son of tattoo artist Freddy Negrete, there's no doubt about how Isaiah “Boo Boo” Negrete's inherited the tattooing blood. Now working at the famous Shamrock Social Club, home to celebrity tattoo artist Dr. Woo and frequented by celebrities like David Beckham and Harry Styles, Isaiah took after the classic black and grey style which is heavily-used in the tattoo shop. 

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While Freddy Negrete has his time in juvie and Youth Authority to thank for his genuine prison-style tattoos, Isaiah has his father to guide him every step of the way until he can make a name for himself in the industry. He's definitely following Freddy's footsteps minus the slip-ups and doing actual time to acquire that genuine prison style.

Bow and arrow micro tattoo by Isaiah Negrete. #IsaiahNegrete #blackandgrey #fineline #microtattoo #bow #arrow

Here at Shamrock Social Club, they value fine lines and details in their famous black and grey works. While he's no stranger to larger pieces, many of Isaiah's works belong in the micro tattoo category. His tattoos are all about the thin lines and micro details that are such a great hit these days. It's the same style Freddy envisioned for his works, veering away from the bold linework of traditional tattoos.

Fine line religious micro tattoo by Isaiah Negrete. #IsaiahNegrete #blackandgrey #fineline #microtattoo #jesus #religious

All photos from Isaiah's Instagram.

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