Fingerboarding Tattoos Because We’re All Tech Deck Daddies at Heart

Fingerboarding Tattoos Because We’re All Tech Deck Daddies at Heart

If there’s anything more fun than doing finger tricks with a tiny skateboard, we don’t want to know about it.

Is there any better feeling than popping a clean 360 shove it to a 5-0 grind with a double heelflip out? Or a 360 flip to a smooth nose manual? It takes a special kind of athlete to land such tricks with finesse and style. Well, in this particular sport, athleticism is not enough. It takes balls to ollie down a 15 set or trying to to hit an 8” gap. But there are some stunning human beings who are out there day after day risking life and limb pursuing what they love. Today, we’re saluting them with some sick fingerboarding tattoos.

Fingerboards can trace their origin to the 1950s when they were invented by Jaken Felts. It wasn’t until the 1990s, when skateboarding started reaching heights of mainstream popularity, that fingerboards became widely available.

Fingerboards didn’t blow up in popularity until I was in high school, but that didn’t stop my loser ass from jumping on the trend when I was young. I sort of hate to admit that I am somewhat proficient with a fingerboard, but nowhere near pro-level.

Back then, Tech Deck was the only game on the market for fingerboards. Today, there are dozens of artisan fingerboard companies which sell handcrafted boards for upwards of $30 a piece. People also put time and effort into building courses for competitions. In short, some people take this shit super seriously.

There’s no shame in fingerboarding. These things are practically the original fidget spinners. So why not set up a tiny skatepark on your desk and start trying to land some sick tricks while you peep these super rad fingerboarding tattoos?

These fingerboarding tattoos make me really want to get back into the habit. Unfortunately, I went super hard in my youth every time I went fingerboarding. My phalanges are old and stiff and when it gets cold outside I can feel my old fingerboarding injuries. I’m worried that if I hopped back on a board, I might shatter one of my brittle bones or otherwise cause irrevocable damage to my body. Truly, it’s a young person’s sport.

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