Fire, Blood, and Tattoos — House Targaryen

Fire, Blood, and Tattoos — House Targaryen

Life's pretty good when you have a horde of Dothraki, the world's best mercenaries, and three dragons at your disposal.

After waiting for a winter that seemingly lasted even longer than The Long Night, Game of Thrones is finally returning for its seventh season. Before we jump back into all the drama and intrigue going on in Westeros, we wanted to take a look at some of our favorite houses from the series. Alongside each article we’ll be throwing up tattoos of the house’s sigil, some of them directly taken from the show, others just the same beautiful iconography. Be warned, SPOILERS FOLLOW, so if you haven’t caught up on the series you might want to go look at these Harry Potter tattoos instead. For the rest of you, let’s take a look at the craziest house of them all, House Targaryen.

Let’s take a second to go all the way back to the first season of Game of Thrones, shall we? While everyone knew that the show was essentially in the fantasy genre, through nine episodes and 50 minutes it had been a graphically violent drama set in essentially medieval times. No magic. No elves. And most importantly, no frickin’ dragons. Then Daenerys Targaryen walked into a flaming funeral pyre and came out unburnt clutching three lil’ dragons. Shit just got real.

One can definitely make the argument that the Targaryens are more responsible for the entire plot than any other of the Great Houses of Westeros. If it wasn’t for the Mad King getting a little heavy handed with the burning, Jaime would have never become the Kingslayer, Robert’s Rebellion never would have happened, and the Starks would have likely stayed cold and happy in Winterfell. As a huge fan of Game of Thrones I guess I have to raise my drinking horn to the Targaryens and say thank you.

But just because they are responsible for putting everything in motion doesn’t mean I have to like ‘em. So much of the first six season of Game of Thrones has been spent preparing us to see Daenerys take back the Iron Throne with some massive motherfucking dragons. That’s cool, I love watching CGI monsters burn people by the boatload as much as anybody, but has anyone ever taken a second to consider whether or not it’s a smart move to put another Targaryen in charge of everything. I’ve compiled a list of reasons that I think the Martells, Tyrells, Greyjoys and everyone else that might join up with the Targaryens due to their extreme hatred of the Lannisters are making a huge mistake.

1. Daenerys has a bit of a temper... and weapons of mass destruction

Remember that time when Daenerys  liberated all of those slaves? What a great act! What compassion! Oh, she also crucified all of the masters in retaliation for their atrocities. And she burned a lot of them too. While Daenerys has much love for the downtrodden she is rallying to her cause, she seems to lack any sort of mercy when it comes to those who have crossed her. And she has three dragons, the most powerful weapon imaginable in this world. A vengeful leader with infinite power to kill is usually not what you are looking for in a stable leader.

2. Daenerys is bringing a horde of killers with her

The Dothraki are known for two things — being a nearly unbeatable military force and a penchant for raping, murdering, and pillaging everybody in their way. These are useful traits for taking over the throne, but how will the rest of Westeros fair with these fearsome warriors on their side of the “poison water.”

3. Daenerys might not have the strongest claim to the throne

Given what we learned at the end of season six and the fact that male heirs have much stronger claims to the throne in Westeros, there is someone up north who has a better claim. And a dude in a rowboat somewhere that has some interesting parentage as well. Just saying.

I guess what I’m trying to say is that you shouldn’t let all the fun and excitement of dragons blind you when it come to the Targaryens, and Daenerys in particular. Having someone that powerful, lethal, and vengeful in charge may not exactly bring peace to the Seven Kingdoms. But it sure will be fun to watch.

If you're not into the whole "burning people alive" thing we recommend you check out our article on House Lannister. Wait... that doesn't apply for them, now does it? Maybe House Tyrell is more your style.

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