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First Annual Oddities Flea Market Goes Off With a Bang

First Annual Oddities Flea Market Goes Off With a Bang

NYC1 min Read

If you're into bones, antique medical instruments, and some really weird books on witchcraft, we have got the place for you.

To say that the 1st Annual Oddities Flea Market was a success would be like saying Pablo Picasso is a good artist — a massive understatement. At 2:00 pm, three hours after the market opened, the line was about three blocks deep and a 45 minute wait in the bitter cold. Still people continued on, lining up to take a peek inside the Brooklyn Bazaar to see what unusual treasures lurked within its dark corridors.

After two hours of convincing ourselves that we really didn’t need the $300 taxidermied fawn that was for sale, however cute it might be, we decided on a few purchases from Goldengrove Jewelry and Arcana Obscura, because you know — shiny. Although to be fair, we could have easily purchased every single book from W.C. Baker’s magical collection, and done a bit of light reading on best practices for the occult. Palmistry guide, anyone?

The 1st Annual Oddities Flea Market promised us “a curated collection of the odd, antique and the unique,” and it didn’t disappoint. If you’re feeling a bit bummed that you missed your chance to pick up some antique bloodletting tools, an antique portrait of random Victorian families, or some of the best damn taxidermy we’ve ever seen (we’re looking at you Amber Maykut), fear not. We’re confident that after the unprecedented turnout this weekend, the Oddities Flea Market is just getting started.

Alex Wikoff
Written byAlex Wikoff

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