FLASH FRIDAY: Joe Tartarotti

FLASH FRIDAY: Joe Tartarotti

Classic, fundamental flash art by one of the most fantastic artists in the biz.

If you walk into any tattoo shop, there is a strong likelihood that you'll see some kind of flash art lining the walls. It's a quick and easy way for artists to bang out some quick tattoos for someone who is interested in the stylings of a particular artist. It's quick, it's convenient, and it shows off a tattooist's style before a person even sits down in the chair.

Joe Tartarotti is a tattoo artist with some spectacular flash art that he hangs all around the Man's Ruin Tattoo Club in Milano, Italy. You don't need to speak Italian to appreciate his work though, as his detailed artwork belongs on a wall just as much as it belongs on the skin.

Tartarotti's flash art ranges from the American traditional style to Japanese traditional, and they look amazingly fresh. These timeless designs are what make Tartarotti a special artist, and one of the most sought after in the world. If you think these pieces are good, you should see some of his actual tattoos. They'll make you book a flight to Milan in a hurry.

Give Tartarotti a follow on Instagram for his latest updates and how to book an appointment with him. It certainly can't hurt.

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