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#FLASH FRIDAY: Mike Suarez

#FLASH FRIDAY: Mike Suarez

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Suarez combines old school imagery with his own sick sense of humor to create some absolutely hilarious art.

The old school style has always been a bit cheeky when it comes to subject matter — pinups, sailors in classic get ups with hilariously disproportionate muscles, and sex crazed demons dot the skin of many an old school fan. But when artists take something that’s already great, and infuse it with their own keen sense of humor, comedic genius is struck. Artist Mike Suarez of Miami’s Cornerstone Tattoos is making some of the cheekiest flash we’ve seen in awhile. A mix between old school imagery and his own twisted humor, Suarez’s flash reads more like a scene from an old cartoon or maybe a scene from Who Framed Roger Rabbit?

Suarez’s work has an antiquated feel to it, playing into the old school aesthetic of his flash. Faded colors fill in the bold lines, but where his work differs is the unique sense of humor it takes on, frequently taking a jab or two at society. In his crucifixion scene, all of the usual biblical characters can be seen standing in front of Jesus as he lies, bleeding from the cross, and there — front and center — are the two Mary’s doing what else? Taking selfies, of course, because if Jesus died for our sins, and you didn’t Instagram and tag it with #blessed, did it really happen?

Apart from making the Catholic church and every clergy member he’s come in contact with cringe at the thought of such blasphemy, Suarez has also been known to tuck in a few key sound effects among his creations. You can practically hear the “AHHHOOOOGAHHH” coming from the wolf as his eyes pop out of his head, mouth agape in total amazement of the babely cowgirl that stands before him.

Alex Wikoff
Written byAlex Wikoff

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