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Flash Friday: The Beautifully Simplistic Work of Mab Matiere Noire

Flash Friday: The Beautifully Simplistic Work of Mab Matiere Noire

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Sometimes it's important not to overthink thing and go with what works.

There are certain instances when exquisite and precise attention to detail and are called for. A traditional, illustrative, or neo-traditional piece would be nothing if it weren’t for the tiny details that make up the larger picture. They add a level of depth to the piece as a whole, but sometimes there is beauty in simplicity, and artist Mab Matiere Noire’s work is a testament to this. Creating wonderfully minimal illustrations of predominantly nude figures, Noire’s work proves that sometimes all you need in art are a few lines and some very understated color.

While Noire is relatively new to the tattoo scene, their artwork has been killing it for a few years now. Initially starting out as more of a woodcut style, Noire’s artwork has developed into something a bit more minimal in recent years. Nude figures are their speciality, occasionally dotting them with hints of red, blue, and yellow. Stylistically speaking, Noire’s nudes are what we imagine the art baby of Keith Haring and Tati Compton would look like. Taking on some of the same sexual undertones that dot Compton’s work — particularly the unabashed female sexuality — and combining it with the simplicity that put Haring on the map, Noire’s illustrations are a perfect balance of the two. Thoughtful and imaginative, their work takes on subjects that would otherwise be composed of incredible detail — like the Mona Lisa, tattooed men, and statues — and turns them into stripped down versions of themselves, allowing the onlooker to fully appreciate the beauty in their simplicity.

So while it is true that details are generally the things that draw us in, allowing us to gain further insight into the mind of the artist and the feelings they wish to evoke from their audience, sometimes stripping things down to their bare bones is best. And Noire does a pretty damn good job, if you ask us.

Alex Wikoff
Written byAlex Wikoff

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